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Turning Over a New Leaf

I recently made a life-changing decision. Well, I have to admit, I did have some help in making the decision; my doctor informed me I have high blood pressure. Being the nurse that I am, I decided to do what I could naturally. What I mean by that is lifestyle changes, (you know, those things you and I can control). By doing so, I will be in a better state of physical and mental health.

Reducing Stress Levels

First of all, I realized that my stress level was at its peak when I was listening to the news. So, no more television, except, of course, Animal Planet; and instead I’m reading more books than before and enjoying it! Basically, I’m protecting my sanity so I can continue to help others which brings me joy and satisfaction.

Altering the Diet

I also altered my diet – well, let’s just say I’m trying … still can’t give up ice cream! And you know what? It’s ok; I limit it to a weekend treat. Moderation in our life helps us maintain more control.

Walking the Dogs

And exercise! I’m not one to go to the gym. I even failed at yoga. But I do have two legs and I can walk, so I’m now routinely walking my dogs – good for both me and the dogs.

Being Positive

In addition, I need to remember to start each day with a positive, happy thought. It’s been proven: start on a positive note and it will last all day … the glass half full is back. Most importantly, I need to find and keep my sense of humor.

Yes, I have said and done this before. Yes, it lasted for a short period of time, but the difference this time? I’m really sticking to it – all of it. Why? Because I felt my health was beginning to suffer, and there truly are things I can do to help the situation. I have never taken medication before, only vitamins, and now I have to take blood pressure medication and that’s alright.

So, if you’re like me and things haven’t been going smoothly and your energy just isn’t there – consider making the decision to start each day on a positive note, eat better and exercise.

Reminders …

  • Walking at this time of year is wonderful, so take a walk!
  • Enjoy the added daylight at the end of summer days.
  • Keep mentally upbeat.
  • Always look at the bright side … positive thinking.
  • Volunteer! It’s a great esteem builder and energy booster.

And don’t forget to treat yourself to some ice cream or something else you truly enjoy. After all, you deserve it (once in a while).