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Pinellas/Pasco 727-787-8677 and Hillsborough 813-884-6100


Seniors and the Summer Heat

Living in Florida comes with warm weather much of the year, but nothing like the heat we have from now until October. As we age, we become more susceptible to heat-related illnesses and need to take more precautions when spending time outside. If you’re older and are looking for some tips to beat the summer heat, we have them for you.

Stay Hydrated

This is good advice for all ages, however, as we get older, we have a harder time knowing when we’re dehydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of clear liquids that don’t contain caffeine. Water, sports drinks, and juices are great options. Remember that caffeinated beverages and alcohol actually dehydrate you and should be avoided if you’re out in the heat. If you experience muscle cramps, a rapid pulse, or aren’t sweating, even when it’s hot out, get inside and get a drink to avoid hyperthermia or heat stroke.

Avoid Being Outside Mid-Day

Early morning hours and late evening are the best times to be outside. When the sun shines, it intensifies the heat you feel. Plus, some prescriptions suggest avoiding prolonged sun exposure. When your reason for heading out in the heat of the day is companionship, consider an in-home care assistant. They can provide companionship or transportation to events in the community when driving is an issue. If you do need to be outside in the heat of the day, wear light clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

Use Air Conditioning

Keeping your air set to 78 degrees or lower will help you feel better when indoors. If your A/C isn’t working properly, head to a senior center, mall, or library so you can stay cool. An in-home care assistant can help you get to a cooler location and call for a repair technician. If finances are an issue, there is a federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) you can reach out to for assistance. Call 866-674-6327 to be connected to your local helpline.

Keep Connected

If you have elderly friends or family members, reach out to them during extreme temperatures. If you notice that you haven’t seen or heard from a neighbor as you normally do, check in on them.

Consider hiring an in-home care assistant if you have an aging family member and you’re not able to spend as much time with them as needed. They can assist with companionship, light housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation, and more. You can have peace of mind and your family member can have some assistance. If you need someone for your own assistance or someone you know, contact Care Placement Home Health Agency. We’ll speak with you about the needs you have and find the right fit. We can be reached in Pinellas or Pasco Counties at 727-787-8677 and Hillsborough County at 813-884-6100.