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Pinellas/Pasco 727-787-8677 and Hillsborough 813-884-6100


Keeping In Touch With Long-Distance Loved Ones

Though it would be wonderful if all our loved ones lived nearby, this isn’t always our reality. Distance doesn’t need to dictate our relationships, however. Whether you live a couple hundred miles or a couple of time zones away from your loved ones, here are a few tips for keeping in touch.

Use the Technology and Resources Available to You

Do you have a cell phone or a laptop? Use the video chat features to have more opportunities to “see” the ones you care about. Often all it takes is a few steps in order to connect. If you struggle to make sense of video chat, ask another family member, a tech-savvy friend, or caregiver nearby for a tutorial on using these tools. In addition, asking your kids and grandkids to help you better understand how to make video calls is a great way to engage the younger generation in something they enjoy.

If video calls aren’t a great fit for you, think about other ways you can connect with the resources you already have. Phone calls, emails and even letters are still wonderful ways to let your loved ones know you’re thinking about them. The benefits of emails and letters extend even beyond the immediate moment of connection, too, since we often read them several times.

Schedule Set Connection Points

Time passes so quickly, it can be easy to let connection slip off our priority lists in favor of waiting until next month. The problem with this is that when next month arrives, we often say the same thing. Schedule your time with loved ones who don’t live nearby the same way you schedule time with friends or family in your city—add it to your calendar and make it a recurring event each week or month. Decide what frequency is best for you and your loved ones, and stick to it.

Have Fun When You’re Together

When in-person visits happen, it can be tempting to take care of all the obligations first, then figure out how to fit in making new memories later. While it’s very important to take care of the necessities, making new good memories add value to our lives too. Before visits, discuss with your loved one the objectives for your time together and be sure to balance the obligations out with some fun experiences as well.

Look for Help Nearby to Supplement Your Day-to-Day Wellbeing

It’s not always possible for our loved ones who live miles away to connect when we want to, and this may influence us to feel lonelier than usual. Consider hiring an in-home care assistant to provide companionship, assistance in routine, household tasks, or more complex medical assistance. For help finding a dependable, compassionate care professional, call Care Placement Home Health Agency. We can be reached in Pinellas or Pasco Counties at 727-787-8677 and Hillsborough County at 813-884-6100.