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3 Services a Senior Advocate Offers

A wide variety of senior services are accessible for those with increasing health care needs, but not everybody is aware of the many options available as they search for quality care. Many people benefit greatly from supplementary, coordinated care which can be provided by a qualified Nurse Case Manager. Nurse Case Managers often partner with patients who need assistance navigating the increasingly complex health care system.

If you’re seeking assistance to ease the pressure of primary caregiving or if you want to supplement your loved one’s health care options, here are three ways a Nurse Case Manager can be of benefit.

1) Physician-Patient Liaison

As we age, it may become more difficult to remember everything your physician wants to discuss or recommend. For adult children who try to assist their parents while managing their own lives, it can seem overwhelming. A Nurse Case Manager is able to organize this information and ensure doctors’ orders are followed so all instructions and recommendations are followed. He or she will also be able to engage with each practitioner, voicing your concerns and helping you to ask the best questions in your situation. A Nurse Case Manager is there to be an advocate for you and your loved one.

2) Hospital or Facility Discharge Planning

Before your loved one leaves the hospital or a care facility after a medical event, many details need to be addressed in order to make the transition home smooth and safe. You may need to make changes to the home or adjust your routine in order to accommodate the new circumstances. Prepare for these changes ahead of time with the help of a Nurse Case Manager who is trained to recognize any potential obstacles or issues that may complicate your loved one’s return and continued recovery.

3) Crisis Intervention & Patient Advocacy

If your loved one suddenly experiences a health care crisis and you aren’t nearby to be able to help, a Nurse Case Manager can step in and advocate for your loved one in your absence. Whether you’ve been aware of your loved one’s growing needs for some time and things have reached a tipping point or their condition has suddenly deteriorated, it’s likely that the situation will require an advocate who can be physically present.

When facing health care decisions for yourself or your loved ones, it makes a huge difference to know all your options so you’re able to make the best, most informed decisions. Take time to research all the choices available to your loved ones who need care. Also, look for opportunities to partner with others like Nurse Case Managers who can support you as you seek the best quality of care in your situation. Often, the help you need is only a phone call away.