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Would a Care Manager Really Make a Difference for Your Family?

The decision to hire supplementary care to assist your loved one isn’t always an easy one, but putting it off until a crisis happens isn’t a good strategy. You can help your loved one stay safe and independent for many years to come by starting the conversation now.

But what if you don’t know where to start? Or what if your loved one simply isn’t interested, or gets angry, when you try to have the discussion?

This is one way a qualified care manager can make a huge difference for you and your family. Here are a few signs that it may be time for you to schedule a consultation with a care manager:

A care manager can help if … the old routine has become increasingly difficult for your loved one to maintain. If you’ve begun to notice your loved one is no longer able to manage their daily schedules, it may be time to call a care manager. During the call, you can discuss supplementary care or a move to an assisted living facility.

If it’s no longer possible for your loved one to keep up with his or her home or health, talk to a care manager about the best ways to start the discussion. He or she will have many resources on hand to assist you in beginning the conversation in a productive and helpful way.

A care manager can help if … the conversations you do have with your loved one about health, home maintenance, cleanliness, or the future devolve into arguments and hurt feelings. Often the move to a care facility or the decision to allow supplementary care into the home is emotional. It’s normal for your loved one to worry about what it will be like to uproot themselves and start over somewhere else. Anger, sadness, and fear are all common and can lead to discussions that are more emotional than they are helpful.

Care managers understand the concerns and questions that may be a source of contention between you and your loved one. A care manager’s job is, in part, to serve as a mediator, so it’s no longer stressful or painful as you discuss what’s best moving forward. You’ll be relieved to have a plan in place, and your loved one will feel supported, cared for, and heard once the conversation has taken place with a professional care manager.

A care manager can help if … you and your loved one feel stressed by all the choices, and it’s hard to know where the focus should be. There are many elder care options available today, but not all of them are a great fit for your situation. It’s hard to know that, though, unless you’ve thoroughly vetted each choice.

A care manager is already familiar with the options close to you and can assist you and your loved one in paring down the list so only the best options are presented for review. He or she will keep you from becoming paralyzed by indecision, and your loved one will feel confident that they’ve seen all the best options and made the most beneficial choice.

As you can see, it’s extremely valuable to have a care manager available and on call, especially as loved ones age. Whether you’re struggling to balance care for an aging family member or simply thinking ahead for the future, search for a care manager in your location. You and your loved one will both appreciate the support and guidance.