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3 Ways to Include Seniors During Your Holiday Celebrations

For senior family members and friends, especially those with limited mobility or an inability to travel, the busy-ness of the holiday season may lead to extra loneliness. But, by being intentional with your holiday routine, you may be able to keep the isolation at bay and improve the holiday cheer. Do this by hosting gatherings near those with mobility challenges, providing appropriate responsibilities throughout the season, and working together to accomplish holiday goals.

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1. Re-Evaluate Your Holiday Gathering’s Venue

When hosting holiday gatherings, take care to remember the mobility needs of the seniors in your life. Could you host your gathering in a new location this year to help? While traditions are wonderful and having a get-together in the same location each year may be a fun routine, a new venue could help the seniors in your life to partake in all the fun without the stress of traveling. Consider new locations which also may be able to assist you with the party—like your senior’s living facility, a nearby neighborhood clubhouse, or a local church or school where spaces are available for rent.

2. Provide Plenty of Opportunities to Participate

If your senior enjoys being a part of the hustle and bustle, remember to provide plenty of opportunities to serve and be involved. Whether they are able to chop and dice for a special holiday recipe, choose the menu, wrap presents, or greet other guests at the door, make sure to provide the opportunity to the elder members of your community. If your senior friends and family prefer to observe rather than joining in the action, involve them in other ways by asking engaging questions or having intentional conversation.

3. Take Care of the Holiday Necessities Together

Sometimes senior members of the community may feel uncomfortable asking for assistance in accomplishing their holiday tasks such as shopping for gifts or meal preparation. Take the opportunity to ask your friends and family if they would like to take an afternoon with you to work through their seasonal to-do list.

While the holiday season often seems lonely for many people, including senior friends, it doesn’t have to be. Spend some time thinking about ways to love and include the elders in your community this holiday season to bring extra warmth and festivity to all of your lives.

Do you do something special for the seniors in your community? Or are you a senior who would love to do something differently this holiday season? We would love to hear about it!