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Combating Holiday Loneliness

While the holiday season is often characterized by warmth and light, it may still be a time of loneliness for many of us. If you or a loved one is unable to travel to be near family and friends, this can be a particularly difficult season. There are several things you can do to cope with and minimize the effects of loneliness, especially during the holidays. Here are some ideas!

Attend local events that appeal to you. Does your building offer any gatherings for residents? Sign up if they pique your interest. Community events are great places to meet new people and celebrate things you have in common. Volunteer wherever you’re able. One of the quickest ways to push past loneliness is to serve someone else. Use your talents and time to love others well this season. Reach out first. So many people experience loneliness during the holidays—if you initiate conversation or a gathering, chances are you’ll be helping someone else feel a little less lonely as well.

What else will you do this holiday season to move beyond lonely feelings and embrace community? Let us know!